Living shoes use diverse qualities of one single material (felt) and as they evolve and adapt to different patterns of life, the experience of 'owning' is fundamentally changed. As time goes by, the owner becomes part of the design process just by wearing the shoes.​​​​​​​
As feet cause a natural agitation of the wool, “living shoes” result in a range of felting degrees across the shoe in accordance with the needs of the foot.   With constant movement and pressure the bottom of the shoes becomes harder and stronger while the toe box keeps stretching.
With handmade felt, it is easier to control the thickness and the degree of felting in different parts while having seamless shoes. The living shoes have contrasting color wool with distinctive features on different layers. Using fine(small diameter) fibers such as merino for the inner layers creates a better touch for the skin and a massage effect because of the fibrous structure. The coarser (larger diameter) fibers such as mohair and the outer coat of camel, on the other hand, maintain durability and resistance to external conditions.


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